Casino Dictionary Gaming and Business

Title: Casino Dictionary Gaming and Business

Review Author: Adam Baker
Added: Monday December 15th 2008

I picked up a copy of "Casino Dictionary Gaming and Business" mostly because I didn't want to seem lost when I entered a casino as a beginner. I wanted to "talk the talk" as I played the game, and the book certainly provided me with all the casino industry terms and phrases I needed.

The book covers, gaming and business terms as well as insights of how to effectively communicate with professional players in the industry. The book also covers game names and rules, gambling jargon, cheating tactics, dealer phases and business terms. The book offers simple to understand definitions and gives the player concise language required to communicate with others in the industry.

Overall, it is an effective tool for beginners, however, as a player you tend to pick up a lot of the language from your peers or on the Internet and don't necessarily need this book to teach you the tricks and trades of gaming language.

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