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Bonuses In Multi Currency Online Casinos

By: Ryan Alders, Monday May 4th 2009
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Multiple online casinos are casinos that allow players to choose the currency in which they want to wager. The common currencies offered are USD, EUR and GPB. One issue before online casinos is how to frame the bonus structures. The issue assumes importance because the exchange rate between the various currencies is not unity.

One common method of offering bonuses is to equate the real value of the bonuses. Since 100 USD is approximately equal to 75 EUR and to 70 GBP, online casinos offer the bonuses as USD 100 for those wagering in USD, EUR 75 for those wagering in EUR and GBP 70 for those wagering in GBP. Hence numerically higher bonuses are offered for bonuses in USD than in EUR or GBP. However there are certain problems with this. Exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis and there can be significant fluctuations over months. However it is not possible to alter the bonus structure every now and then. Also bonuses have to be offered in round figures. It would look very odd if the bonus offered was GBP 68.6. Therefore the approximations made to some extent nullify the principle of equating the real values.

There is a more fundamental problem with this method. A player who is wagering 1 credit in GBP is wagering a higher real value amount than a player who is wagering 1 credit in USD. By offering the bonuses in equated real values injustice is being done to that player. Therefore many online casinos are now offering numerically same bonuses. A bonus of USD 100 would be offered to those wagering in USD, a bonus of EUR 100 would be offered to those wagering in EUR and a bonus of GBP 100 would be offered to those wagering in GBP. Thus a player wagering in GBP would be wagering more in real terms and would receive higher bonuses in real terms.

One online casino that follows the second system is Play United. It was originally powered by software from Real Time Gaming but has recently switched to software from Playtech. It offers a four tier welcome bonus that can go up to 750 credits irrespective of the currency used for wagering. In the first installment players will receive a bonus of 100% of their deposit subject to a limit of 150 credits. In the second installment players will receive a bonus of 25% of their deposit subject to a limit of 150 credits. In the third installment players will receive a bonus of 50% of the deposit subject to a limit of 250 credits. In the fourth installment players will receive a bonus of 100% of the deposit subject to a limit of 200 credits. For players wagering in USD the bonus will be given in USD and the limit is applicable in USD. For players wagering in EUR the bonus will be given in EUR and the limit is applicable in EUR. For players wagering in GBP the bonus will be given in GBP and the limit is applicable in GBP.

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Comment by: Ponto Rio On: December 19, 2009
Makes sense that people who are in the UK would want to play in GBP just as how I'm in the US and want to and will only play at online casinos in USD!
Comment by: Amber On: November 27, 2009
Being a Canadian I know that I want to play in Canadian dollars and not US dollars so I always look for casinos now that offer play in Canadian dollars. I don't play at many casinos and maybe I'm lucky that off the bat I found a few online casinos that I'm currently playing at that offer Canadian denomination as currency type.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: November 12, 2009
Support for multiple currencies at online casinos as far as I'm concerned is imperative for online casino operations that focus not only on the North American market which is pretty much all of them right now!
Comment by: Fred Lutton On: August 10, 2009
Something else to keep in mind so that there is no confusion after you've already started playing is that to ensure that the casino that you're playing at you opt for and select the appropriate currency that you want to use after you've downloaded and installed the software. I know for example that with Playtech casinos and I beleive with Microgaming casinos as well that when you sign-up for a real money account you have the option to select the currency that you want. After you've done this I think that the currency that's used for the bonus will fall in line with the currency selected at the time of the registration of your real money account with the online casino you're playing at.
Comment by: bill_knight On: July 23, 2009
Yeah be careful when claiming bonuses that you thing are one thing as they may turn out to be another. I've ran into issues where I'd be expecting either the Euro or GBP bonus but get a different value. Often times these online casinos offer different bonuses for different currencies and you have to be aware of them but they don't publicize them that well.

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