Blackjack for Blood

Title: Blackjack for Blood

Review Author: Casino Advisor Team
Added: Sunday May 18th 2008

Blackjack for Blood is a blood is a book that can benefit any blackjack player, both novice players looking for the basic rules of the game on when to hit, stand or double to the more savvy players looking to count cards and take advantage of a system that will basically guarantee success at the blackjack table.

The author Bryce Carlson melds the rules of the game with amusing and relevant stories and makes the book enjoyable and fun to read. Information on how to avoid being detected counting cards and also some basic tricks that players can utilize to help gain an additional advantage and take more from casinos is also revealed in Blackjack for Blood.

The core of the book however really is card counting systems which takes some serious commitment and understanding before being able to master and apply in a practical situation. Even for those who are savvy in math it may take a few reads to fully understand how to count properly and utilize the advice given by Carlson to benefit your game play in casinos.

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