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Being Successful at Land & Online Casinos

By: Joe Valentino, Thursday February 4th 2010
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Any discussion on this subject can only start once there is a clear understanding on what "being successful" means. Measuring success at casinos in terms of how much money is won is a misguided and even dangerous proposition. Potential players must realize that all casino games operated with a house edge, which means that it is impossible to keep on winning all the time. Having a target of an amount to be won during the playing session is the shortest way of heading into a problem gambling situation. The better way to define success is based on the enjoyment derived while wagering. In this context the amount spent on wagering should be seen as the amount paid for a good dinner or an enjoyable holiday. Players must fix the budget and seek the maximum enjoyment that they can obtain from that budget.

Being Successful in Online Casinos

In order to be successful at online casinos players would do well to keep in mind the following bits of advice.

  • Choose the online casino well. There is nothing more depressing than being ripped off by a rogue casino. Therefore make sure that the online casino is licensed at a reputed jurisdiction and had adequate player protection controls in place.

  • Do not set a target of how much to win. Set instead a target of how much to wager. Base this target on the surplus left from your income after meeting regular expenses and provisions for contingencies. If you exceed the set wagering limit then you will worry how to generate the shortfall in funds and will not be able to enjoy playing at the online casino.

  • Fix a time for playing at online casinos and stick to it. Do not wager from your workplace and do not eat into the time that you spend with your family. If your family is not happy about the amount you wager then the chances are that neither will you be happy.

  • Find out which games you enjoy playing and wager on those games. Games, like blackjack, which have low house edges offer a risk advantage. But if you hate blackjack that advantage has no real value. Slots have higher house edges, but if you enjoy the animations and special effects play online slots. Just be aware that you are paying a higher price for something you really like.

Being Successful in Land Based Casinos

Land based casinos are similar to online casinos in some respects. In order to be successful at land based casinos players must adhere to the conditions of set bankrolls and time spent on wagering. But there are differences as well. In online casinos wagering can be done in solitude or in the presence of close friends and family. Land based casinos function in a social environment and this leads to some additional conditions:

  • Certain etiquette is followed in land based casinos. This includes dress codes, addressing the casino staff correctly, following correct wagering procedures and even tipping the staff. Check out on these and follow them. Being treated as a social outcast by fellow players does not create a happy feeling.

  • In online casinos there is no one to laugh at you if you make bloomers. In land based casinos you would not want to receive contemptuous glances from the casino staff. Hence if you are playing games of skill try and learn at least the basic strategy before you start wagering.

  • In most cases people will have to travel away from home to play in land based casinos. Do not spend more than you need to on lodging and boarding so that most of your total budget goes into your bankroll.

The key to success is being able to leave the table, whether online or land based, when your allocated bankroll or time is completed. If you have ended up losing then appreciate the pleasure you have derived from the wagering and if you have ended up winning then save a part of the winnings and splurge the rest.

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Comment by: Augustine On: March 30, 2010
Agreed... I think that the key too is to know how much you want to spend before getting into playing (ie. before even spending one dollar) but more importantly then just walking away and not playing any more after you've met you maximum spending limit. Also playing within your means is key. Make sure that you have enough money to cover your gambling debts. Don't go putting a ton of money on your credit card that you won't be able to pay off.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: February 25, 2010
Enjoying the experience and taking it for what it is in my opinion is the only success you need to have when gambling. Gambling is an emotional roller coaster and thus as much as possible if you can separate emotion out of the gaming expereince then you'll find that everything should just work out and that you will naturally have a good fun time playing whether it be online or offline.
Comment by: Nathan Black On: February 19, 2010
I think that one of the biggest issues players have in general with the way that they play at casinos whether they be land based casinos or online casinos is that they do try to set a win amount that they're comfortable with walking away with but they try to achieve that and don't focus on setting spending limits which should be the first rule in playing at casinos regardless of physical casinos or online casinos!
Comment by: Mickey robles On: February 17, 2010
Amazing tips! That's one very easy tip to think or these tips I guess have entered our mind but we're not doing anything to make it happen. I've seen tons of people at online gambling website who really doesn't plan their bankroll and we all know the result of that. Sad.
Comment by: Charles L. On: February 16, 2010
Good set of instructions to follow. Always read newbie guides and understand the rules of the games that you're about to play as I think that is the most crucial part to a successful land based or online casino type gambling expereince.
Comment by: puffydog On: February 13, 2010
Land based casinos are good and all but online casinos have revolutionized things. I think that there's still a lot of room for growth with online casinos and that there's still a lot that's going to happen over the years but still it's way more convenient to play online and if land based casinos don't get involved I can see many of them going bankrupt.
Comment by: jerrybrown On: February 12, 2010
A good comparison between the two both online casinos and land based casinos. I think that following some simple rules like this will definitely help ensure that you walk away happy which I think when it comes to gambling is the most important element to it all.
Comment by: Jane Parker On: February 10, 2010
These are all good tips and things that should be viewed at by players as being just common sense in most cases. I think that players who are new should review these to ensure that they're doing all these things!

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