BeatWebCasinos A Shrewd Player's Guide to Internet Gambling

Title: BeatWebCasinos A Shrewd Player's Guide to Internet Gambling

Review Author: Shirley Spicer
Added: Sunday February 21st 2010

Of all the books on and about online casinos and gambling on the internet that I've read I have to say that this book is one of the most honest ones that I've read. In this book you'll find that the author really makes it clear as to what it takes to generate money off casinos sign-up bonuses. Many people just assume that playing at an online casino involves being able to download the casino, install it, play some hands in blackjack and then cash out the bonus. In most cases this isn't how it is so it's really advised that you pick up a copy of this book before continuing if this is your thought on how the whole thing works. First off in order to be able to play at online casinos you'll need a credit card or alterative banking account such as one with NETeller, MoneyBookers or one of the many banking solutions that are out there and readily available for those looking to make deposits into an online casino that they're looking at playing at. Anyway's enough of the summary on the book and look into some of the more detailed points.

What does this book consist of that would be of use to newbie online casino players are some of the following:

a) In the book the author goes though the process of showing players what type of records they need to keep in order to dispute any claims.

b) There are plenty of online casinos out there that can easily be considered as being rogue online casinos. This book helps players spot rogue online casinos.

c) Maximizing your return on bonuses at online casinos involves playing certain games over others. For example blackjack and video poker. This is very helpful information as games like slots really don't have an edge.

d) One of the key betting strategies when playing blackjack and other games at online casinos is how you go about distributing your wagers in the game as you play to ensure the maximum return. This book does a great job in making these points very clear and concise.

e) Disputes with online casinos may arise from time to time and it's best to be prepared. By following the instructions provided by the author in this book you'll find a relatively stress free approach to dispute resolution with any of the online casinos you play at.

f) He explains the downsides to accepting and taking advantage of referral bonuses as well as offers a slue of other information pertaining to gambling at online casinos that are worthy of reading.

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