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Be Aware Of Casino Related Phishing Scams

By: Shirley Spicer, Wednesday April 15th 2009
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Theft of funds through Internet frauds do exist. They exist because fraudsters are able to get hold of sensitive financial information of consumers. This could be credit card numbers or could be Internet banking pin numbers or other similar information. The online casinos that store this information on their servers have made the servers virtually impregnable to hackers. Hence the fraudsters are now attacking the consumers themselves.

The latest trend employed by the fraudsters is known as phishing. The fraudsters send an e-mail to the online casino players using an e-mail address that is very similar to the e-mail of the financial services provider. It is so similar that an unsuspecting player may believe that the mail has come from the financial services provider. The more daring of such mails may directly ask the player to provide the password to his e-wallet accounts and codes required to operate them or the complete details of the credit card. These are easily recognized as phishing mails. However there are other fraudsters that act in a more subtle manner. They advise the player to change their password. Some even state that the old passwords will no longer be valid and the player may be unable to operate his e-wallet or online account. They provide a link in the e-mail that would take the online casino player to a page that resembles the pages of the financial service provider in great detail. Actually the page belongs to the fraudster. If the online player makes the mistake of changing his password on that page then the fraudster gets access to the password. This enables the fraudster to clean out the online player’s account.

There are very simple means of protecting oneself from phishing frauds. Never access the e-wallet or online account site through a link in any e-mail. Access these sites by directly entering the URL in the browser or in the worst case using a link from a reputed search engine. This way the online player can be assured that he is not entering information at a bogus site. If any e-mail is received that purports to be from a financial service provider, contact the customer support of that service provider and verify whether the mail was actually sent by them. Never disclose your password or sensitive information in an e-mail no matter who asks for them. When entering this kind of sensitive information at the online casino or e-wallet account make sure that the line is secure by looking for the lock icon in the browser. Read the safety instructions provided by the financial services provider and comply with them.

Internet thieves are able to steal funds only because the consumers are careless. Revealing passwords in e-mails is like handing over the key of your safe deposit vault to whosoever asks for it.

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Comment by: Sandy On: December 12, 2009
Phishing scams and those that run them will always be successful so long as people who are the prey of them fall for these age old tricks for trying to extract information from people. Just don't enter your password details or any personal details from a link that is gotten to from any e-mails that you receive and you'll always be OK!
Comment by: Channy On: December 03, 2009
I also thought that these kinds of scams were really a thing of the past. I suppose that there's always going to be naive people out there that people are going to take advantage of that get suckered into these kinds of scams.
Comment by: Kevin Jones On: November 14, 2009
Having a good virus detection program will help you a lot in terms of dealing with combating fishing attacks or attempted ones. Usually good virus scanning programs will have a means of scanning your e-mail as well when they come in and possibly warn you about any potential issues including e-mails that may look suspicious as being related to a phishing scam.
Comment by: Augustine On: October 05, 2009
Only suckers fall for these sorts of scams or so I thought until I was the victim of a phishing scam though my paypal account. If you're event the littlest bit suspicious about an e-mail you receive as being a potential scam don't even open it... Online services will never ask you to change your password or any personal details via e-mail.
Comment by: Dilan On: July 26, 2009
I have a good friend of mine who fell victim of a Phishing scheme and it really does take a lot of work to reverse the damaged that's caused by these fraudsters. Make sure to never give up your password or any other personal details online unless you're absolutely certain that where you're inputting this information is in fact legitimate. Make sure you look at the "URL" in your browser and if it's a financial site make sure you see a lock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen this way you'll know that the information being transmitted over the web is in fact secure.
Comment by: Andrew K. On: July 16, 2009
I hate hearing when people become the victims of these kinds of scams. Really people come on get with it. Never reveal any information that's being requested from an online source especially if it reveals anything personal about you (ie. DOB, SIN, usernames, passwords, etc...). It's simple if you never reveal this information you'll never be subjected to the issues that arise when people fall victim to phishing scams.
Comment by: Bob Caiden On: April 24, 2009
Another thing to be aware of is trying to avoid sites that can potentially add vulnerabilities to your computer that can lead to a full on compromising of the integrity of the security of your PC. I find that using Site Advisor a simple plug-in that allow you to identify potentially harmful sites using a tool bar type setup. I've managed to avoid some pretty terrible viruses and issues that could have certainly resulted in infromation being captured about my online casino accounts which undoubtedly could have led to my being defrauded. Anyways just an FYI for those who have never heard of Site Advisor.
Comment by: Frank Pulson On: April 16, 2009
This is actually the first article I think I've ever seen on an online casino gambling site or gambling site all together warning of Phishing scams. It's super important that people educate themselves on these scams so as to not fall victim of them. Far too many people out there are oblivious to the fact that they can easily fall prey into these scams. The first step is knowing that online casinos, banking options or other component of an online gaming service will never ask you for your password or any personal information via e-mail. Just be sure to never divulge your password, credit card information or any other critical information via e-mail. If you ever have doubts about an e-mail that you receive make sure that you contact the sender whether it be casino, banking option, etc.. directly via the e-mail address, contact form, or phone numbers found on their website. Replying to a Phishing scam e-mail is not a good idea...

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