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Baccarat Full Table From Cryptologic

By: rkingsley, Monday June 1st 2009
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Baccarat is one of the most popular games in land casinos. However in online casinos it is one of the least popular games. There are two reasons for this. Land casinos offer a popular variant of baccarat in which each player becomes the banker in turn and takes on all the other players. This adds tremendous excitement to the game. Unfortunately this is not possible in online casinos. The other reason for the popularity of baccarat in land casinos is the set of rituals that are followed while playing the game. Most online gaming software providers have not tried to incorporate these rituals into the game. As a result online baccarat becomes quite insipid. Players have to choose between one of three bets. One of these bets offers a lower house edge and therefore becomes the automatic choice. Some online gaming software providers have tried to spice things up by offering dealers voices and game histories. However Baccarat Full Table from Cryptologic incorporates some of the rituals of land casinos and therefore is perhaps the most interesting online baccarat game on offer.

Cryptologic Full Table Baccarat Preview:

Cryptologic Full Table Baccarat

To start with Cryptologic is the only online gaming software provider that offers avatars in its online casinos. Therefore players can have an icon of their choice to represent them at the table rather than merely their name. Most online baccarat games are played on the half table or mini table. Baccarat Full Table offers the complete table and this helps in creating a more realistic environment. The most important feature of Baccarat Full Table is that it can be played in a multiplayer format. Even though each player wagers individually against the casino, to have other players seated at the table doing the same simulates a land casinos setting. Baccarat Full Table can also be played as a private room game in which friends and relatives only will be allowed to play together. This scenario offers much more fun and alleviates the boredom of the single player format.

Baccarat Full Table also incorporates some of the rituals followed in land casino baccarat. One such ritual followed in most card games is cutting the deck before the deal. In Baccarat Full Table the cards are spread out and a marker moves along them at high speed. The player clicks on the ‘cut’ button and the deck is cut where the marker stops. In land casino baccarat the cards are dealt from a shoe. Each player takes the role of the dealer in turn. Though this has no effect on the actual wagering it helps make the game more participative. This ritual has been incorporated in Baccarat Full Table. The player can opt out from being the dealer in which case the shoe will pass on to the next player. Though this feature has relevance in multiplayer baccarat it has been offered in single player baccarat as well. In the single player version the player can choose to always be the dealer, never with the dealer or be the dealer on alternate hands. The game features an icon of the shoe which moves from seat to seat and the cards are actually dealt from that shoe.

In land casinos if a player is feeling unlucky he can pass a hand without losing his seat at the table. He can simply watch that hand as a spectator. In Baccarat Full Table a player can click on the ‘Pass’ button instead of placing a wager and sit out for that hand. This feature is offered in both the multiplayer and the single player format. In the single player format the cards are dealt and the hand is played out even when there is no wager. Another ritual prevalent in land casino baccarat is that the player who is the dealer for the hand peeks at the banker’s cards before turning them over. In Baccarat Full Table the player can opt to do so or turn down the offer. If the player decides to exercise the option then the cards are revealed on the screen and then laid flat face up on the table.

It is through these animated rituals that Baccarat Full Table is one of the most interesting baccarat games offered in online casinos. Our favorite online casino to play Baccarat Full Table at is Inter Casino which we offer a review of here on Casino Advisor.

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Comment by: Sil Mondo On: June 12, 2009
Yeah my feeling is that this Cryptologic game like many of their games is far more unique to them however I wouldn't be surprised if you'd find this type of baccarat (full table baccarat) game in Europe or Asia.
Comment by: sadie777 On: June 08, 2009
Very interesting I don't think I've even seen a baccarat game like this in land based casinos... It would be interesting to give it a shot even though I'm by no means a big baccarat player.

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