B4Playing Casino & Poker Buddy Software

Title: B4Playing Casino & Poker Buddy Software

Review Author: Casino Advisor Team
Added: Sunday May 18th 2008

The B4Playing software application is a mini application which resides on your desktop within your system tray. The purpose of this application is to provide ease of access to various casino information including bonuses, slots tournaments, progressives, etc...

One interesting and fairly useful feature of the application is that you can set alerts so as to be contacted when certain conditions are fulfilled. This includes the ability to tell the system to contact you when either a specific progressive game or a group of games reaches a certain threshold.

Other then the bonus search and refinement features and some of the alert functionality available within this product we feel that the product doesn't really have all that much to offer and is not really worth the download. All of the information available within this product are can also be found throughout the web with ease mind you.

Currently the application is only available for PC and those operating on Windows XP and above. At present our sources tell us that there is no speculation that the company will be developing either a Mac or Linux version of the B4Playing application.

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