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Availing Casino Bonuses A Choice Not A Compulsion

By: Adam Baker , Thursday August 20th 2009
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This article is directed to absolute newcomers to Internet casino gambling, who have never wagered online before. It points out that just because bonuses are offered it does not mean that they should be availed. In fact it makes sense for newbie players to get accustomed to the real money wagering and the normal deposit and withdrawal processes before getting involved with bonuses.

That bonuses offer certain advantages to online casino players cannot be doubted. If they did not then they would not have been around. But they come with many strings attached and it is these strings that can confuse and irritate newbie players. The first issue that needs to be resolved with bonuses is the wagering requirements. These are applicable on the welcome bonus as well. If the player avails of the welcome bonus on his first deposit at the online casino he cannot withdraw his winnings till the wagering requirements are met. The wagering requirements can be as much as 40 times the deposit and bonus. This means that it could be a while before he can get hold of his winnings.

A newbie player, however, would be anxious to get hold of his first winnings as soon as possible. This was the reason why he started wagering in the first place. To be able to complete the entire transaction and get the amount in his bank would increase his confidence in the online wagering process. The sooner he gets the confidence the better for him. If the newbie player has done his homework by reading message boards and watchdog web sites then he must be aware of instances of withdrawals being disallowed because of not having met wagering requirements. This would no doubt increase his anxiety.

The newbie player will have several issues on his mind, which he can resolve more easily if he does not have to simultaneously worry about bonus related issues. For example online casinos offer several variants in blackjack. The newbie player will have to figure out which gives maximum value for money. Online casinos offer several customization features such as sound options and several facilities like game statistics and gaming transaction histories. In order to get the fullest out of his online gaming experience the new player will need to figure out how best to navigate through all that is on offer. Hence it may be a good idea if he focuses on these issues and leaves the bonuses till later.

The newbie player should also be aware of what he stands to lose if he does not claim the welcome bonus so that he can make a considered decision in this matter. If he does not claim the welcome bonus on his first deposit and starts wagering then that bonus is lost to him forever. He cannot claim it later. He can however claim the reload and other bonuses at a later time. It is the trend today that online casinos advertise very large welcome bonuses and this can be a temptation. But newbie players must realize that in order to avail of these large bonuses they are required to make large initial deposits, and this is something they may not want to do.

Fortunately there is a way around this. A player is not committed to wagering at the same online casino all his life. He can first choose an online casino that passes the due diligence test, but is not the place he ultimately wants to play at. He can forgo the welcome bonus there and seek to achieve a comfort level with the other online casino processes. Having done that, he can enroll at an online casino with an attractive welcome bonus. He can then focus on the wagering requirements and other issues related to the bonus.

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Comment by: Jamie Beacher On: December 04, 2009
Whenever talking to friends who ask me about playing online I always suggest to them to take advantage of the bonuses that online casinos offer. I think it would be silly if players didn't take advantage of bonuses.
Comment by: Jamie Beacher On: November 21, 2009
Well you should always take advantage of online casinos generosity when it comes to bonuses as who knows how long bonuses are really going to be around for. I would suspect that when land based casinos get involved that they will no longer offer any sort of bonuses and the whole idea of bonus offering will be scrapped all together.
Comment by: Dino Lucci On: October 09, 2009
Bonuses should be taken advantage of for sure. I don't see or know why anyone wouldn't want to take free money from online casinos like this. There's no way in hell that land based casinos would just give anyone $100 for depositing $100 at their land based casinos so the generosity of online casinos should really be looked at as just that and be taken advantage of.
Comment by: Paul K. On: August 24, 2009
I think it's a choice as well however I think it's one that everyone regardless of newbie or not should take advantage of providing the the terms for the bonus aren't outrageous. If you're playing at an online casino and you're taking advantage of their free bonus offerings make sure to read the terms and conditions of their bonus to ensure that they're not too stringent to much so that you'd never be able to make a withdrawal and that their wagering requirements are too strict.

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