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Auto Play in Microgaming Online Casino Games

By: Adam Richards, Friday November 20th 2009
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The auto play feature in online casino games allows players to automatically repeat the wager a number of times under identical conditions. The leading online gaming software provider Microgaming offers the auto play feature in more online casino games than other software providers. This article discusses the auto play feature in slots, roulette, video poker and blackjack games and the different implications that the feature has in each of these games categories.

Online slots are ideal for auto play. The only decision that players make is the amount wagered. Since most players will play online slots with all the lines enabled the decision rests on selecting the line bet. This is often dictated by the players bankroll and players usually play the entire session without changing the line bet. Hence it is very convenient to put online slots on auto play. In Microgaming online slots auto play is available in the Expert Mode. 5x and 10x auto play can be directly activated without going into the auto play menu. The menu enables players to set the auto play up to 9999 spins. The auto play can be set to stop only after all spins are completed or if a win exceeds a specified amount. The auto play will automatically stop if any feature is activated in the slot game.

In roulette the player also does not make any strategic decisions. He decides on the quantum of the bet. But in roulette there are a large number of bets to choose from. If the player wants to keep changing the type of bet or the numbers selected then he cannot use the auto play. However if the player is willing to keep fixed all betting parameters he can activate the auto play in the Expert Mode in the Microgaming roulette games. The player can select up to 9999 spins and also select the time between spins. He can set the auto play to stop on one of the three following conditions: when all spins are complete; when a win exceeds a preset amount and on any win. The player can enable two other conditions for the auto play to stop. These are if the credits increase or decrease by a preset amount.

In video poker the players have to make a strategic decision of which cards to hold once the initial hand is dealt. On first evaluation this would appear to provide an impediment to the auto play feature. However, the video poker games in Microgaming have the optimal strategy built into them. Hence the software automatically chooses the best cards to hold and this allows for the auto play feature. The auto play feature in Microgaming video poker games is very complex. It contains all the features of the slots and roulette auto play and some more. The auto play can be set to stop when a jackpot is hit. Also Microgaming video poker games allow players to double the payout by playing a gamble game. The auto play can be programmed to activate the double all the time, never or under specified conditions.

Some versions of Microgaming blackjack have the auto play feature. Blackjack involves even more complex decisions than video poker. Blackjack games that offer auto play have a built in strategy card that dictates the moves to be made by the player. This strategy card is not only available to the player but the player can alter the strategy according to his liking and the play blackjack on auto play with his chosen strategy. Functionally the auto play in Microgaming blackjack is identical to the auto play in Microgaming roulette games.

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Comment by: lacarta222 On: January 30, 2010
Microgaming Auto-Play is some of the best auto play that I've ever used at online casinos while playing. It's easy and very intuitive to make use of and just works well in general.
Comment by: Frank Pulson On: December 01, 2009
The standard when it comes to auto-play has really been set by MGS. All in all they were one of the first gaming software providers out there and I beleive the very first in fact to offer auto play as a feature within their casino software. I really think that they have all the features you could possibly want or need in their auto-play feature lineup.
Comment by: Winterton On: November 28, 2009
Their auto play is just as good as everyone else's I don't think that there are too many specific features of autoplay that are required or needed so long as it functions without the need for us as players to be involved in clicking on the bet max or spin buttons. The fact that Microgaming offers auto play on roulette and blackjack is very cool though I have to say!
Comment by: Gino On: November 24, 2009
There is one feature that I think that the Microgaming Auto Play can use that I've found that Playtech and Cryptologic are now doing. It's to be able to manually input via your keyboard and number pad the number of auto play spins / hands you want to play. I think that this is a good addition and something that Microgaming should consider doing as well.

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