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All Slots Casino Player Reviews and Votes

Great casino and well worth your time
Rating: by: wwdd88, on February 14, 2015
Pros: Amazing selection of games and great visuals
Cons: It's a huge file to keep on your computer
There were so many games and options which really made it all the more interesting. Although this casino didn't let any American players in on the action it never really affected anything. The only downside would be the amount of space this download takes up. Read More »
Be cautious before you deposit your money here
Rating: by: mandyfe, on June 16, 2011
Pros: None
Cons: Being scammed wont pay once you win substantial amounts
At first I thought they were for real being an attorney I have been very cautions and actually became their client won a couple of small prizes on slots and got paid. The problem came when I had hit a jackpot playing slots saw the the winning combination than I was blocked out. When I tried to log back in I received a message stating that I had... Read More »
Fantastic casino with best games to land based casinos.
Rating: by: sandys, on June 09, 2010
Pros: Best Microgaming casino I've played at ever!
Cons: No USA players from what I understand.
Having tried playing at many online casinos now and knowing what casinos I like and in particular what online casino software I prefer over that of other casino software companies I've found that All Slots online casino is one of the best of the best in terms of quality and expereince. The casino uses software that's powered by Microgaming who are... Read More »
Download and play at All Slots Casino they're terrific.
Rating: by: lisaheizen222, on May 07, 2010
Pros: Big bonuses, great games, Microgaming software.
Cons: I find that they (as do all other Microgaming casinos) have the most of their focus around online slots games.
Hi everyone who reads this here on CasinoAdvisor! My name is Lisa I've written a few reviews here on Casino Advisor about various casinos, experiences, etc... and I just wanted to add another review based on the casino that I really enjoy and love playing at more frequently then most of the other online casinos that I've been playing at. All... Read More »
A fun time can be had at All Slots casino a great slots casino
Rating: by: larsjones, on April 06, 2010
Pros: Great overall so far.
Cons: Has almost to many online slots games to choose from.
All Slots casino definitely does feature a lot of slots games so many so that in fact it's kind of hard to figure out where to start playing and a bit overwhelming. I've so far played about 10 different slots games and haven't even scratched the service of what they have to offer really. I'm really impressed with the sheer number of games that the... Read More »
All Slots Casino is one of the best Microgaming online casinos!
Rating: by: jamisonkemp, on February 19, 2010
Pros: Microgaming software, support is awesome, great games, nice bonuses
Cons: No USA players can play at their casino from my understanding!
If you've ever played at a Microgaming powered online casino you'll know that for the most part they're all the same with the exception of a few things that differ from one online casino to the other. In the end though these things that differ and differentiate one Microgaming online casino from the next are what make playing at one better then... Read More »
All Slots casino online a recommended choice!
Rating: by: slotsbeater, on February 08, 2010
Pros: Best Microgaming online casino out there.
Cons: American players unfortunatly can't play at their casino.
If those of you out there have never experienced All Slots Casino let me tell you that you're missing out. Having been with them for over 5 years now as a player and never publicly made any statement or testimonial about their online casino I wanted to really do so here as it seems like this website is where there's a lot of other players like me... Read More »
Really love All Slots online casino and wanted to recommend them.
Rating: by: ogindel, on January 23, 2010
Pros: Best online casino I know out there!
Cons: None I like everything about them.
I know that many people are still weary when it comes to playing at an online casino but the fact of the matter is that playing at online casinos offers many benefits and advantages over playing in land based casinos. Some of the key factors involved include the following: 1) Anonymity 2) Larger selection of casino games (yeah that's right... Read More »
All Slots Casino currently my favorite online casino to play
Rating: by: pppsims, on December 22, 2009
Pros: Not only slots games as the name would have you beleive.
Cons: I guess they don't accept US players but that doesn't affect me.
All Slots Casino has been around for a long time well as far as online casino gambling goes. With several years of gambling expereince under my belt and although they weren't the first online casino that I ever played at they have become the online casino that I play at the most often day in day out over others. Originally when they first... Read More »
Played in my first online casino tournament with them.
Rating: by: kellysmith, on October 23, 2009
Pros: Great selection of games, fun tournaments and nice graphics in their games.
Cons: Casino software that they operate on takes up quite a bit of room on your PC.
Well the first time I played at All Slots Casino was about a year ago and I was kind of frustrated as I have a computer with a solid state hard drive that had limited hard drive resources and I found that their casino took up a lot of room on my computer so much so that it started crashing the computer. Just be aware that if you're planning on... Read More »
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