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Adjusting Card Speeds in Online Casinos

By: Adam Baker, Friday March 13th 2009
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Customization is the name of the game in online casinos. Online casinos recognize that each player has different needs and hence they try to cater to these different needs by allowing the player to customize as many parameters as possible. One such parameter is the speed at which cards are dealt in card games like blackjack, baccarat and casino poker.

Some players can devote very little time to online gaming. Hence they want to pack in as many deals as possible in that short time. Also they may not be very keen on experiencing a casino environment. All they are concerned is with the monetary outcome of the game. Such players like the cards to be dealt at fast speeds. For other players the casino experience is important. They want to see the cards coming out of the shoe and onto the table. Either they have more time to play or want to play few hands so they prefer a more leisurely paced game. Hence online casinos allow the players to adjust the speed of dealing the cards. In the extreme they allow players to switch off the animation that shows the cards moving from the shoe to the positions on the table. Instead the cards appear instantly dealt as soon as the "Deal" button is clicked.

Different online gaming software providers have slightly differing mechanisms for adjusting the card speed and toggling the animation. The mechanism of some of software providers is discussed below.

Microgaming allows players to adjust card speed from within the blackjack game only. Hence the player has to first open the game he wants to play. By clicking on the "OPTIONS" button in the bottom bar the "Options" box is opened. Players should select the "General" options. This is displayed in the screenshot below. At the top of the box four "Speed Settings" are shown Slow, Medium, Fast and Fastest. The players can choose the wanted speed by clicking the button next to the option. At the bottom of the box is the "Quick Deal" option. Checking this option turns off the animations.

Like Microgaming, Vegas Technology allows adjusting game speeds from within the blackjack game. By clicking on the "Options" button in the bottom bar the "Options" box is opened. This is displayed in the screenshot below. Vegas Technology does not allow for adjusting game speeds. By checking the "Animations" option the player allows for animations while dealing. If the player does not want the animations then the box should be left unchecked.

In Real Time Gaming (RTG) software also the customization of card speed is done from within the blackjack game. Players should click the "Menu" button and select "Player Options" to open the "Options" box. This is displayed in the screenshot below. The players should select the "Card Speed" box if they want the animations and then adjust the card speed by moving the pointer to the desired position. If the players want to switch off the animation then they should uncheck the Card Speed box.

Playtech allows players to customize game speeds both from the casino lobby and from within the games. From the lobby players can click the "options" button on the bottom right hand corner. It opens the "Options Box". The "Game Options" should be selected. This is displayed in the screenshot below. The card speed is adjusted using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys on the top of the box. The animation can be turned off by selecting the "Fast Play (play without animation)" option. The same "Options Box" can be accessed from within any blackjack game by clicking on the "menu" button and selecting "options".

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Comment by: Flint Carling On: January 01, 2010
This is a key option to have available in all online casino software as far as I'm concerned. It's really a player preference thing that's as important as say the option of toggling sound.
Comment by: kristoph On: November 17, 2009
Great feature not just for playing cards online but also for slots and video poker type games as well. I think that the ability to play though more games is both beneficial to us as players but especially to the casinos. They want players to be able to play though more transactions in a shorter period of time as it ultimately means that they're doing to be able to make more money off us.
Comment by: Hurley Jeminach On: August 09, 2009
I like super quick blackjack so features that allow me to adjust the pace at which card games are played are definitely handy and convenient allowing me to get more hands in a shorter period of time. I think that most serious blackjack players look for similar features to increase hand game play over time to optimize not only their time but the more you play a perfect strategy in games like blackjack the closer you get to lowering the house edge to less then 1%. I think that it's also great to have features in place in online casino software platforms that allow you to speed up other games, craps, roulette, slots, etc... I know that in slots this can be done I'm not sure about the others though.
Comment by: casinowizard On: July 17, 2009
Adjusting speeds in all games whether it be blackjack, other table games or slots is almost an essential feature to have. I think that almost all software providers offer some means of either speeding up or slowing down the pace at which games are played. Ultimately each player is different and what works and is convenient for one player may not be for another. I for example sometimes just want to get to the bonus round on a slot so I prefer a faster spin so that I can just hit the bonus round... I think that there are others out there like me and then on the flip side those who prefer to slow things down watch the animations in slots games, etc...
Comment by: Karl Benton On: June 08, 2009
A very handy feature to say the least amongst all software providers it's nice that they have features to adjust speeds both in slots as well as in table games. I beleive the most convenient is when you're playing slots and you're goal is just to get into the bonus round it's nice to be able to play though several rounds without the delay of waiting for the animation of the reels and then paylines, etc... I think the one thing I like the most it this feature that I've seen at a few casinos including at Vegas Technology casinos where you can stop the reels immediately right after the spin has started. Quite a nice feature for those who are just looking to get themselves into the bonus rounds.

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