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3D Online Casino Software and it's Future

By: Adam Baker, Thursday December 4th 2008
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One of the biggest drawbacks of online casinos is that it fails to replicate the environment of land-based casinos. The player is conscious of playing in a flat virtual world far removed from the glamorous real world of brick and mortar casinos. Therefore when the use of 3D graphics software became widespread it was thought that it would soon enter the world of online gambling.

To some extent 3D software has been successful in online poker rooms but not in online casinos. To appreciate why this is so, there are two issues that must be understood. The first is that online poker software is much leaner than online casino software. There are far more games in online casinos with completely different structures. Whether one plays Texas Hold'em or Omaha the basis remains the same. But craps and blackjack and roulette are totally independent games. Besides online slots, which are the backbone of online casinos, require intense graphics. Therefore online casino software requires larger computer storages and faster Internet connections. The problem gets compounded when 3D graphics are incorporated because 3D software is bulkier than normal software. It is for this reason that 3D poker software, though larger than normal poker software, still fits into manageable limits of storage capacity and speed whereas 3D casino software does not. Hence 3D casino software has not made much headway.

One of the more popular 3D online poker rooms is PKR. The first thing to be clear about is that you need a broadband connection to play at PKR, whereas at other online poker rooms high-speed modem connections would work. The effect though not on par with land casino experience is as good as that in the best video games. The animated avatars enable enhanced real time interaction between players such as bluffing with tells, which is an integral part of live poker games. Since online casino games are played between the player and the casino and there is no player-to-player interaction even in multiplayer games this aspect is less important in online casinos.

However there have been attempts to create 3D online casinos. One of the earliest attempts was in the Second Life virtual community. Second Life is a 3D virtual world created by Linden Lab and accessed through the Internet. Subscribers to Second Life are called Residents who interact with each other in a realistic way through avatars. One of the residents had created a casino in Second Life and was inviting other residents to play. At that time online gambling was declared illegal in the United States and the FBI swung into action. Linden Lab therefore closed down the casino before any legal action could be initiated. Recently Win A Day Casino has been launched that offers a 3D environment. It is operated by Slotland Entertainment and currently offers four casino games in 3D format. Only time will tell if this concept will now catch on.

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Comment by: Dino Lucci On: October 14, 2009
There aren't any good 3D real money online casinos or games. I've seen some 3D casino games at land based casinos but nothing too compelling that I'd really be too interested in playing online. Some kind of 3D online casino would be pretty amazing though and something that I'd definitely download and play even if it's rather large to download onto my computer.
Comment by: Juda On: September 20, 2009
I like the idea of 3D casinos even if it's just a means of navigating though a virtual world before getting to a slot machine, table game or other where it would then change into a 2D game like they already have available online. I think there's a lot of potential there if someone does it right!
Comment by: Flint Carling On: September 08, 2009
I like the idea of a 3D online casino application I think it would probably call for a relatively large file download and the games would likely be pretty average but depending on how they do it I'm sure it can work out to be a pretty amazing casino to play at. The kinds of features that you can implement in a 3D world type casino would be really neat.
Comment by: Rubin On: August 27, 2009
I think that bandwidth is actually pretty close to being where it needs to be in order to make 3D casinos viable. The guys from PKR have done a great job and reaped massive success from their 3D poker software. I don't see why the same thing hasn't been done with online casinos or bingo. I think I saw a half ass 3D bingo once but really no 3D online casino software as of yet. I think I'd definitely take the time to try it if such a thing did exist.
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: August 08, 2009
I beleive that bandwidth, users who are conservative with their hard drive space, and other technological issues that prohibit these kinds of online casinos from becoming as mainstream as that of the software produced and developed by existing large software providers like Microgaming. It'll be a while before things catch up to the point that a good 3D online casino hit's the market. I think that in terms of poker PKR has done a good job it would be interesting to see if they develop a 3D online casino product at some point in the near future.
Comment by: Smitty On: July 14, 2009
Would be awesome if they'd reintroduce or allow members of Second Life to build casinos within the virtual world. This would certainly be a popular online casino. If there's regulation of the industry in the US I wonder if they'll open up some casinos within the virtual world would be really awesome to see and play with friends that you make in the virtual world.

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