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3 Reel Casino Slots Versus 5 reel Slots

By: Shirley Spicer, Thursday May 7th 2009
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Online casinos classify their slot games as Classic or 3 reel slots and Video or 5 reel slots. The separation is more than that of the number of reels displayed. It is that of a mind set.

When the land based slot machine was invented over a hundred years ago it had 3 reels. There is a generation that has spent their youth playing on the 3 reel slots in casinos, in shopping mall and in pubs. That generation regards the days of its youth as the good old days and desires to preserve those times to the extent possible. Therefore this older generation opts to play on the 3 reel slots. The 5 reel slots are a product of computer technology and Internet casinos. They are the choice of a younger generation that is attuned to wanting more.

The additional two reels result in a phenomenally large number of possible combinations. This allows for more paylines, more winning combinations, larger payouts and more symbols on the reels. In the 3 reel slots the trend was more for the one size to fit all requirements. There was little variety in the finer mechanics of the game. Because of the factors listed earlier 5 reel slots offer a greater number of permutations and combinations and thus can be designed to suit different playing temperaments. For example on the one hand there are slots in which the relative numbers of each symbol have been so designed as to give a particular combination only one in a million chance of occurring. This allows for the rare million dollar payouts. On the other hand 5 reel slots can be designed to give smaller but considerably more frequent payouts. Also the larger number of possible combinations in 5 reel slots allow for the introduction on interactive bonus rounds. Because of these the 5 reel slots are becoming more popular and online casinos are slowly phasing out the 3 reel slots.

Whether 3 reel or 5 reel, whether online or offline, slots have evolved more than any other online casino game. The evolution of slots is if anything on the rise. Today the evolution is taking place on two fronts. One is that of sensory experience. This is being done through better graphics design and the incorporation of music and other audio features into the slots. Above all it is being done by animating the symbols on the reels. The second evolution is taking place through the features involved in the slot games. Wild symbols have become an integral part of slots. But today the wild symbols are evolving. For example there are stacked wilds in which all the symbols in the reels containing the initial wild symbols become wild symbols. The bonus games are also evolving. Instead of being simply "pick an object" type of games they are incorporating some player skill and multi level features.

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Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: November 18, 2009
5 reel slots are great 3 reels are fun but I have to agree that they're far more fun when played in land based casinos then when played online. I find that all online 3 reel slots games lack a certain dynamic that land based 3 reel slots games are able to capture.
Comment by: Kelly Smith On: November 14, 2009
3 reel slots games at land based casinos are fun to play but online they kind of suck and are really boring. I only stick to playing 5 reel games. Even when playing in land based casinos now a days I usually will play only the 5 reels unless there's an interesting concept I see for a 3 reel game that captures my attention.
Comment by: Blinky Roast On: November 05, 2009
I like 5 reels all the way playing 3 reel slots games online is really boring. I still play from time to time when I play in land based casinos but never when I'm playing at an online casino!!!
Comment by: Hal Mason On: October 21, 2009
I like both three reel and 5 reel slots by I'm in favor of playing 5 reel slots whenever I can and I definitely enjoy the bonus rounds and features that are found in 5 reel slots over that of 3 reel slots for sure.
Comment by: Channy On: October 06, 2009
I like both 3 reels and 5 reels but in online casinos I definitely favor 5 reel slots as they're way more engaging and online casinos don't really do 3 reel slots that are meant to use physical reels the justice that land based casinos do.
Comment by: charlie62 On: September 10, 2009
I myself like many of you am a far more avid player of the 5 reel slots games especially those that offer multiple features or even better yet multi-features within single bonus games. I'm actually quite liking where slots games development is heading online and thing that online casino software providers are doing a really good job executing on their development and game ideas.
Comment by: Dilan On: September 06, 2009
I think most people are moving over to playing video slots and especially in land based casinos. I was just at the casino the other day and I found that most of the games were 5 reel slots and they were the games that were being occupied. The 3 reel slots no one was really even playing them!
Comment by: Karl Benton On: May 29, 2009
5 reels 100% all the way 3 reel slots are becoming more and more obsolete and this trend is definitely bound to continue!
Comment by: sadie777 On: May 12, 2009
5 reels are definitely the future of gaming whether it be online or offline. There's no doubt that as time passes more and more 3 reel games will be phased out and the focus will continue to move towards more enticing and exciting 5 reel slots.

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