Secrets of Modern Slot Playing by Larry Mak

Title: Secrets of Modern Slot Playing by Larry Mak

Review Author: Joe Valentino
Added: Wednesday February 4th 2009

There is an abundance of gaming books on how to play the slots out there, choosing the right one is half the battle. I've personally picked up at least three different books on this topic, each one claiming to know the ins and outs of playing the slots. I obtained bits and pieces of information from each and one of them, but would have preferred to read just one book, which summarizes everything I need to know.

"Secrets of Modern Slot Playing" by Larry Mak comes the closest to accomplishing just that. I've done some research on the book and on Larry Mak himself prior to making my purchase. Frank Scoblet wrote a review about the book. Scoblet, being the author of the best selling gambling book, had great things to say about Mak's book "Larry Mak has written a thoughtful, lively and intelligent book on slots. His advice is solid, and his understanding of the machines is based on excellent research, and just as important, extensive personal experience".

The book itself is just over a hundred pages, it's written in a comical and conversational style and grasps your interest from the beginning. Mak shares personal professional experiences as he compares the modern slot machines to "computers in slots clothing". Mak explains how a slot machine works, how to find the "loose" machine on the floor, provides payout tables of various machines that are seen in casinos and shows how each casino pays by denomination of slot machine.

This book teaches you about the slot machines and provides useful tips. Overall, it's an enjoyable and easy read which I highly recommend. "Secrets of Modern Slot Playing" is that one book that covers all you need to know about the slot machines.

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