Tens or Better Video Poker Review

Tens or Better Video Poker Payout Tables and Rules

Game Rules and Payout Details

Game Rules

  • A standard deck of 52 cards is used and is subject to a random shuffle after each round of play.

  • There are no wild cards in the game.

  • Clicking "Deal" starts play, and when the five cards show up on the screen,.the player makes the decision as to whether to hold them (unless AutoHold is activated, in which case that decision is automatically made by the software). After that, the "Draw" button finishes out the hand.

  • The payout table, which is located atop the game interface, clearly outlines the payouts available for each winning combination and for each coin level. For example, the Royal Flush, at the five-coin bet, pays a 4000-coin jackpot.

  • After winning a hand, you can opt to "Double" that winning amount. The process involves five cards dealt on the screen four of which are face-down and constitute your choices. The dealer has a face-up card. You select one of the face-down cards and if it is higher than that of the dealer, the win amount is doubled. If that happens, you can elect to double again, or simply collect.

Payout Schedule

Tens or Better Video Poker will pay the player starting with a pair of tens or higher.  This is the lowest payout, and it is five coins, based on a five-coin bet. The payouts for lower coin denominations are proportionately lower; for example, it is four coins for a four-coin bet, three coins for a three-coin bet, etc.

The other winning combinations are laid out in the payout table, which is right in front of the player in the interface. The figures for these payouts, in ascending order, and all based on the maximum five-coin bet, work like this:

  • Two Pairs -- 10 coins
  • Three of a Kind -- 15 coins
  • Straight -- 20 coins
  • Flush -- 25 coins
  • Full House -- 30 coins
  • Four of a Kind -- 125 coins
  • Straight Flush -- 250 coins

The highest payout in Tens or Better Video Poker is the Royal Flush, which amounts to 4000 coins on a five-coin wager. For a four-coin wager it is 3000 coins; 2000 coins for a three-coin wager, 1000 coins for a two-coin wager, and 500 coins for a one-coin bet.

It is interesting to observe that the return for the one-coin bet with a Royal Flush is twice as high as the highest payout on a Straight Flush. There is a considerable difference, making these payouts very "top-heavy."

Casinos offering this game

Casinos offering this game

Tens or Better Video Poker Quick Facts
Software Microgaming
Min. Bet 0.25
Max. Bet 25
Speed of Game Adjustable
Autoplay Yes


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Hot Features of this Game
  • Player has option to "Double" after wins
  • Graphics are crisp
  • Easily accessible for all levels of player
  • AutoPlay is available

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