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InterCasino a gaming site that continues to surprise me.

Rating: by: cardley, on May 21, 2010
Pros: Fantastic branded online casino games.
Cons: Could have better bonuses both for new as well as loyal players.

Coming from playing at Virgin casino quite a bit it's refreshing to find another casino that's centered around a solid foundation as is the case with InterCasino. I've been playing at their casino for a bit now and have found it to be a rather engaging and entertaining online casino to play at that offers more IMO then what I was finding while playing at Virgin casino. Don't get me wrong Cryptologic the company that InterCasino gaming platform is run on is no prize but it's definitely somewhat better then what you'll find when playing at Virgin casino as far as my experience goes so far with them.

The games are definitely better as are the graphics in the games that they offer which is really why we play at online casinos or land based casinos IMO if you ask me. The games have to be good and if they're not then there's no point in really playing. Virgin casino games the more you play them you'll find they get boring. I find that with InterCasino I don't get nearly as board and I have a lot more variety which makes the whole gaming experience just that much better.

Bonuses aren't a thing that they especially do well however at InterCasino but the one think you can rest assured that they do well is offer quality unique and interesting online casino promotions that are very attractive and more then that are fun to indulge in as they're so far fetched that if you do win you'll be having the time of your life in a exciting adventure or be laughing all the way to the bank.


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