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InterCasino online has made some big improvements

Rating: by: ninonino, on January 27, 2010
Pros: solid reputation in the industry - cryptologic software - some nice games
Cons: issues in the past - not so nice cashier section

I suppose it's more accurate to say that actually Cryptologic has made some vast improvements to their system and that's the result of InterCasino having a much better casino to play at now.

The first time I played at InterCasino was a few years back actually and back then I really want overly keen on the expereince I had and would definitely not consider them my favourite online casino at the time. Their lack luster polish on certain things within their software was as such that I found that the casino would crash the graphics in their slots were mediocre at best, etc... Since that time however they have vastly improved the entire platform with everything from games to lobby, etc... The only thing I don't think that's been improved on is their cashier section which is still pretty lame and not very nice both functionally nor ascetically.

Two of the biggest improvements are definitely in their lobby and in addition the adding of tournaments has made playing at their casino far more entertaining and enjoyable as well. If you're looking for a quality online casino to play at and interested in playing some fun filled Marvel themed slots games I highly suggest and recommend that you check out and try playing at InterCasino.


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