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A good online casino to play is InterCasino

Rating: by: zorenslav, on January 06, 2010
Pros: Big brand name that's driven by software of a publicly listed company.
Cons: They get some bad reps from players but it's not the case they're really good!

I know that some people here on this site may not agree with me as after reading some of the reviews here on the site about InterCasino I was a little surprised at some of the attitude that people have towards their online casino. As one of the longest operating online casinos to date they may still not be perfect but they're far better then many of the other online casinos that are out there and available for play. There was a time where Cryptologic software did have a lot of problems but they have done a pretty good job from what I've seen to date in improving their software and bringing it far closer to a point where it's more competitive with other casino software platforms that are on the market.

I remember when InterCasino was one of the very few online casinos you could play at and at that time playing anything was good. I think maybe it just took them a little longer then some of the other software companies to get up to a point where they really have market share. Well I beleive that now they do and in addition to that they're a publicly listed company which means you can certainly guarantee that they're doing everything above board and that the systems they have in place, games, etc... are paying out in accordance with what they're likely supposed to be. In addition I think that the new casino games that they're adding regularly now are really impressive and at par with that of even Microgaming casino games in some cases based on the releases.

More then just the games and what's been mentioned so far they have great bonuses and other promotions in addition to tournaments and other features that make playing at InterCasino entertaining and worthy of your gambling entertainment bucks.


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