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InterCasino a good brand but other online casinos are better.

Rating: by: kurvywoman, on December 09, 2009
Pros: Well known online casino with big brand games.
Cons: The graphics are weak, slow games, got board.

As someone that lives in the UK it's a well known fact that casino and poker room advertisements are really in our face so much of the time that eventually even if you don't really care to play at an online casino that you will eventually give one a try. It's undeniable that online casinos do offer the convenience and ease of playing right from the comfort of your home using your desktop computer or laptop. More then that for people like myself who don't like to be seen in any land casinos I for various reasons just prefer playing online now.

I have been loyal to InterCasino who I started playing with a few years back after being brainwashed though some of the ads I see on TV about this casino and have been happy for the most part. I do find that they are a very reputable brand that create a great relationship with you as a player but I don't have the much that good to say about their software. I find that their software is inferior to other software products on the market. Cryptologic is the software company that powers InterCasino and it's not really all that good. There's lots of problems with their casino games in that you'll find lots of lag time in the games and slow paced gaming in general. If you're like me I prefer playing at casinos that offer fast games with beautiful graphics and sound. I don't really feel like this is what you get when you play at InterCasino although overall it's not that bad. I'm not here to try to give them a bad reputation or anything I just want other players to be aware of my experience with them. I've since been playing at a Microgaming casino called All Slots casino which I find to be simply outstanding with no issues to report so far. InterCasino was a good starting point for me but as I got more serious into playing online now I find that Microgaming casinos are definitely the way to go.

Cryptologic casinos like InterCasino really need to sharpen up the graphics in their games and to not make them so slow in general. At that point I think they'll have a better chance at keeping people aboard on their software rather then jumping ship sort of like I have.


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