How to Win at Gambling

Title: How to Win at Gambling

Review Author: Adam Baker
Added: Thursday April 16th 2009

How to Win at Gambling a book by author Avery Cardoza is a practical book for anyone looking for information on learning to win when gambling whether it be at land based casinos or while playing online the principles conveyed in this book are universal can be applied to both. Barred from pretty much every casino in Las Vegas is not attributed to the fact that he's taught millions and millions of players how to gamble like a professional but more because he's managed to take down the house in many occasion and reap the benefits of being a professional gambler. If you're planning on gambling this book by your side will certainly help have the best chance at winning! How to Win at Gambling provides information on how to play and win money on over 45 different game variations. The book also included detailed information on poker with a major focus on Texas Hold'em poker in specific as well as all other major casino games including slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps and Caribbean stud poker. Also you'll find chapters that feature information on money management, sports wagering, horse betting and much more. If you're a newbie or a more well seasoned gambler there's no doubt that this book will be of help, you'll learn everything you need to know to be a big winner! You'll learn all about the rules of the games, the bets that can be made, odds, strategy and a wealth of other information that will help improve the way you play but more importantly win!

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